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On the 4th of every month, learn about 3 things worth your while (this one's a little late 😅), either my take on the latest movies, or my philosophical findings. Plus, enter to win a free movie ticket each month!

First up…

1. MoviePass 2.0 – For My Theater-Loving Friends

What is MoviePass?

MoviePass is a service that allows you to see up to 3 movies a month at ANY theater. And it's based on a credit system.

The credit system is actually pretty sleek.

  • Weekdays before 3:59pm, movies are 10 credits each
  • Evenings 4pm and later, and weekends, will be either 15 or 20 credits

$10/mo gets you 34 credits. So you could see up to 3 movies per month!

Here's where it gets EVEN cooler: Unused credits rollover to the next month. 🤯

And… I want to give YOU a MoviePass account for free (for 1 month)…

2. Get 1 Month of MoviePass for Free

I have plans to grow this newsletter into something really great, For anyone but I could use your help in spreading the word.

I value when people are 100% open about their intentions, so I wanted you to know that. 🙂

Right now, you're 1 of about 60 people reading these newsletters, and I'd love to continue sharing with even more people.

MoviePass costs $10 per month, and it'll be` well-worth it, but I want to gift a subscription to 3 of you.

How to enter:

Copy and share your unique referral link with a friend who might enjoy this newsletter: [RH_REFLINK GOES HERE]

  • When someone signs up to the newsletter through your link, you're entered to win!

I appreciate you!
(Winners will be contacted directly on Wednesday, February 8)

Today I just filmed a video for my YouTube channel where I share my first experience and review of MoviePass 2.0. Subscribe if you want to see my review when it goes live!

3. I'm working on being on a movie set 😱

A really big goal in my life is to make feature length films.

So far, I've only worked on short films—either my own, or others'.

But I have a potential project or two in the works that might out me on an actual set of movie with legit players in the film industry.

I'm so pumped, but nothing's concrete yet. Will share more as that progresses!

Thanks so much for being here reading this. 🙂 I sincerely appreciate you and your time.

Never hesitate to send a reply with any thoughts, feedback, or what you'd like to see more of.


The 4:3 Newsletter

On the 4th of every month, I share 3 things worth your while, either my take on the latest films, or my philosophical findings. Plus, enter to win a FREE movie ticket each month!

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